Plastik Caskit
Ian Vanek, Alex Knold and myself all existed in a 7’ by 5’ heating closet under a elevated highway. An open flame would periodically spring to life about 5” from my privates when the thermostat would kick on. I was obsessed with Blue Cheer. The other two grew up in the Northwest, which I think comes through as well. Two shows happened, the first at Handsome Dick Manitoba’s (Dictators), where I was told by Dick to turn down. We played for about 7 minutes. The second show was at the original subway location of the Siberia Bar, where I wouldn’t let any of my cables or personal belongings touch the ground because it was so sticky and filthy. I piled everything (guitar case, jacket, pedals, cables) on top of my amp setup. I'm not super fancy or even that hygienic, but it was pretty dirty. Like worse than a gas station restroom. Except instead of sticky pee, it was sticky beer mixed with cigarette butts. Actually, there might have been some pee. The set was about three minutes. Everything got knocked over. Both these places had a negative energy, that currently I try to avoid. I liked playing though.

We also recorded a nine minute thing at Devin Flynn's house. Friends still tell me that they like this, so I guess I should make some more. This is a split release with Tapes Records (where what it was originally released). Ian Vanek, of Japanther is the proprietor of Tapes and was the drummer of Plastik Caskit. He's a super good drummer and a super good person.