Solo Show Solo Soul Sounds Of Souls Share
Cassette compilation on Folding/Dial Records.
Hand screened/drawn covers by Chris Johanson and Jo Jackson. Limited to 120 copies.

Compiled by Mike Donovan and Chris Johanson, with tracks by Gerald Hawk, Learning to Love You More, Kit Clayton, Metalux, Bad Waste, Goofice, Child Abuse, BARR, Freedom Jazz, The Sic Alps, Del Yellow Swans, Lionheart Mirth, Aleister, Octis, Panther, S.S.I., Rabbles, Tender Morsels, OCS, Douglas Armour

Released as part of the Vendanta Gallery, Chicago exhibition 'Solo Show Solo Soul' organized by Chris Johanson and featuring art by Douglas Anson, Chris Corales, Ashley Macomber, Learning to Love You More, Jo Jackson, Chris Johanson, Miranda July, Jim Schatz and Marie Lorenz.

I got all this info off of another webpage, so I hope it's correct.

The Bad Waste song is a sorta remixed version of Penpal Picnic.

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This show was super fun, and we were fed well too. Arguably the nicest gallery owner on earth.

Bad Waste aka Rad Taste discography
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