Commemorative Summer 2004 Fun Pak
Casual Rob Project One (split release w/ DoggPony)
Edition of fortyeight

The funpak included a hand drawn CD, a hand sewn BW logo shirt (four different patterns on either baby blue or gold shirt), and three custom buttons all contained in a hangtag package. This one dude bought two, so he could keep one mint in the packaging!

If you hung out with us on our 2004 Summer Cruise than you had an opportunity to get these off of us. We did make some extra CDs which were either given away, or for people who didn't want to shell out $10 for the whole funpak.

Track listing and downloadable mp3 versions
1. Penpal Picnic
2. Nubly
3. Dinner
4. Smoke In Sunlight
5. Big Hug

Project one is sold out, but the Ooga Booga Store in Los Angeles probably has some in stock.

Picture courtesy of Ooga Booga Store